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The morning after the wedding: Ryan and Arlyn

May 12, 2013

One of my gifts to the newlyweds and my first daring couple shoot. It wasn’t as daring as  I wanted (haha), I sort of bullied Arlyn into doing this. When we first talked about the shoot the pegs I showed her were very simple and intimate, photos of a couple having fun outside. And then the Maggie Wilson fiasco happened. It turns out Arlyn wasn’t aware of Maggie Wilson and Victor Consunji’s racy and sexy prenup shoot  and video that she blindly agreed and said yes while she and Ryan were discussing it, thinking it was Georgina Wilson. When we found out we laughed our hearts out and then showed her the video. She actually shrieked and screamed and uttered ‘oh my’ several times that had all of us laughing again.

The day of their shoot, on the morning after their wedding I had my barrel of laughs again, courtesy of the newly married couple. She texted me on Saturday asking what she should bring to the shoot and I just told her any sleep wear will do thinking she’d bring one of the nighties that we bought a few months back. I was wrong. She presented me with a tank and bottom you might see a 10 year old wear, definitely not on someone who just got married. I was on my ass laughing and posting a pic of what she wanted to wear on instagram. Good thing I bought a nightie with me and then I worked with the clothes that they had at the hotel.

Photos were shot at the Manila Hotel using natural light streaming from the windows. I liked the photos so much that I immediately culled and edited my favorites then posted them online the next day. 😉


  • hair and makeup by Mylene Ruedas
  • photography and styling by Tiara Mejos






ryan_arlyn_post wedding shoot

Oh yes, that’s the monkey sleepwear that she prepared for the shoot!

Portraits, Weddings

John and Zaira tie the knot

September 10, 2012

This wedding is a labor of love, one of the few weddings I’ll probably consent to doing for free. Yes, only favorite cousins get to ask me that. It was a small wedding held at the Hotel Tropics in Boracay, just a few steps away from Boracay Allied bank where the two met. I always found it very funny that my cousin married her boss and then gets to boss John around. 😛 The two were very hands on with their wedding, from the tokens down to the bride’s bouquet. The groom created the bride’s bouquet by the way, certainly not something most grooms do.

I started shooting at 8 in the morning and ended around 10 in the evening, I was so exhausted I fell asleep at the bar, a fact that my cousins will probably not ever let me forget. Seeing the photographs the next morning made me forget about how tired I was though. Not bad for my first wedding, yes? 😛


Many thanks to my cousins-Aldrich and April, who were my assistants for the day, Mayor John Yap for allowing me to shoot real close (lol), and to John for making my cousin very happy. See you guys next year for the church wedding!