Jo Castillo

May 25, 2015

I like shooting portraits but I don’t do it that often these days. Weekdays I work 8-9 hours a day and then on weekends I would sometimes just prefer to spend it resting or catching up on errands I didn’t have time for during the week. Other weekends I’m out traveling, surfing, or just beach bumming and couldn’t be bothered to take my camera out.

Jo reached out to me a few months ago for a fun shoot and since I was landlocked for a few months I thought why the hell not. On the day of the shoot I didn’t feel like shooting at all and wasn’t expecting much from myself.

It took a while and the first 20 shots were crap but I relaxed, Jo relaxed and it went quite well, better than we all expected. Here are some of my favorites:

DSC_0815 DSC_0809-2DSC_0708

The first half of the shoot was in my bedroom at our old apartment in Makati then we moved to the street where I usually skate just as the sun was about to set.



DSC_0950 I loved this street, it had a big graffiti wall and one of the few roads in this part of Makati where we can skate on weekends. This was also the last shoot I did in San Antonio because 2 weeks later we moved to Fort Bonifacio and everything we need or want we can just go to BGC or Mckinley.

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